Rewards and Sanctions

As a Quaker school our aim is to encourage personal responsibility and self-discipline, showing respect for all regardless of their status within the community. Our pupils are encouraged to be sensitive to others and where possible peacemakers. All members of the community are expected to act responsibly, show courtesy and think about other people. An important part of the Quaker contribution to the spiritual life of the children is that through the silence of Meeting for Worship, they have time for reflection on their behaviour and actions.



We try to recognise ‘that of God’ in our pupils. This leads to an atmosphere of celebration of our pupils achievements from the formal awarding of cups at the end of term to the well deserved praise for a job well done or a helping hand. We strive for the best we can be, and confident, happy pupils.



The aim of sanctions and disciplinary actions is to make pupils aware of the expected standards of behaviour, to give pupils a means of reflecting on their behaviour and to supply the appropriate support needed to see improved behaviour. A detailed code of conduct and school rules can be found in the pupil handbook in the ‘Pupil’ section of this site.


22nd November 2019
  • JS Celebration Meeting
    Starts: 3:40 pm
29th November 2019
  • PSFA Christmas Fayre
    Starts: 2:30 pm