After School Programme (Senior School)

School finishes at 4.15pm, after which children are free to leave (mini-buses depart at 4.25pm and coaches at 4.30pm). If you would like your child to remain in school after 4.30pm you need to inform us, preferably in writing by using the form (link below), but by telephone if it is an emergency. Organised prep. sessions run Monday to Thursday for Years 7 and above after school from 4.30pm to 5.45pm. Pupils are provided with squash, fruit and a snack beforehand. Pupils in Years 7-13 who choose to remain for prep will not be permitted to leave before 5:45pm. If you wish your child to stay for tea (at 6pm) you must inform school at least 48 hours in advance.

A register is taken at the start of each prep. and activity session. Any absences are followed up by the Prep. Team.

We are delighted if pupils choose to attend prep or after school activities, however, it is paramount that we know where every pupil is at all times so we must keep an accurate register. No pupil should be in school after 4.30pm unless we have been informed beforehand and they have registered in the school office prior to their activity or with their supervised prep teacher.

If a child is unable to attend a session that they have signed up for, parents must notify the office in good time so that the register can be amended. Our After School Programme is not a ‘drop-in’ option and pupils who have chosen to attend the programme are expected to attend, barring illness. If for any reason pupils decide not to attend their activity/prep session, they must still sign out of school via the school office or their prep room. Any absences will be followed up by the Prep Team and parents will be contacted.

Occasionally, when there is an event in school that pupils are invited to attend, for example a school disco, pupils may stay until the event begins providing that we are informed in advance by parents. If this stay involves having tea at school we need to know at least 48 hours in advance so that we may cater for them. A charge is made for day pupils staying for tea.

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22nd November 2019
  • JS Celebration Meeting
    Starts: 3:40 pm
29th November 2019
  • PSFA Christmas Fayre
    Starts: 2:30 pm